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  • Listening to: Klaxons - Magick
  • Reading: Pavel Shumil "Become a dragon"

  • Listening to: Klaxons - Magick
  • Reading: Pavel Shumil "Become a dragon"
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  • Listening to: Klaxons - Magick
  • Reading: Pavel Shumil "Become a dragon"
Send me note if you are interested.

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  • Listening to: Colour of Bone - The Superstitious Twist
  • Reading: Terry Pratchett "Night watch"
Whitechapal ITV - my new love.
Dancing with madness by GerVOlg
Kent so interesting. And Chandler. And Miles. But Kent.. Bambi!

many cute captain from Prince of tennis here on my "cute"gallery :iconnataneseuji:
  • Listening to: Brendan Benson - Flesh And Bone
Merry Halloween? by NataneSeuji

My second gallery ----> :iconnataneseuji:
For cute arts. And arts raiting G-PG-13 XDD
I'm in Twitter: Natane Seuji GerVOlg

My art on second gallery :iconnataneseuji:
Prince of Tennis
Happy birhday Shiraishi ^^ by NataneSeuji At fear eyes are great by NataneSeuji
more in album prince of tennis -…

Korra by NataneSeuji Koh by NataneSeuji

Other fanart:
Genesis Rhapsodos by NataneSeuji Caramelldansen by NataneSeuji
more in album fanart -…

Mermaid by NataneSeuji 12 april Nya-version by NataneSeuji Pierrot by NataneSeuji

Thank you for the watch!^^
  • Listening to: Muse - Space Dementia

Love and happy ^^

more my art you can see later^^' Sorry
  • Listening to: Florence + the Machine - Only if for a Night
Happy new year by NataneSeuji
Happines and good luck in 2013 year!
  • Listening to: Charlotte Church - Dream a Dream
Noel by NataneSeuji

Thank you to you all!
  • Listening to: Adam Faith - Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop)
Love-love Prince of Tennis!
I have many idea for fanart on PoT.
especially my favorite character
Kaidoh Mamushi Kaoru.
Kaoru by NataneSeuji
Hallowen by NataneSeuji
He so pretty! *__*
And many other characters - love!
Seigaku victory
Seigaku victory forever by NataneSeuji
Crossover with film 12 monkeys (for artbattle)
12 monkeys by NataneSeuji
Saeki Kojiro
Saeki Kojiro by NataneSeuji
Room 201
Botanist from 201 room by NataneSeuji
kikumaru Eiji and Mukahi Gakuto
Acrobatic pair by NataneSeuji
Kirihara Akaya and Zaizen Hikaru
Being late on date by NataneSeuji

Art that like me  ^^
Room 205
Children from 205 room by NataneSeuji

Crossover: Blond in sport anime
Dandelions by NataneSeuji

And more art on pixiv -…
  • Listening to: Kite Eishirou - Dear Prince
Я люблю слушать музыку)
И люблю всякие девайсы на LastFM.
My account -
Вы можете посмотреть, что я люблю слушать ^^

И мои друзья поделились
со мной своими облаками тегов,
с помощью которых я сделал их портреты)
Сочетание моего представления
и его музыкальных предпочтений))

My sister - Jirou-desu [ ]
No music no life by NataneSeuji

My friend - Midnight_Guest  [… ]
No music no life by NataneSeuji

My friend - Olegovich87  [ ]
No music no life by NataneSeuji

Submit on my second page - :iconnataneseuji:
And pixiv -…
  • Listening to: Kite Eishirou - Dear Prince
About me again)
I make new page on DA: :iconnataneseuji:
This page for works without yaoi, yuri, Bl, etc.
I will be glad to see you and there^^
Kaoru by NataneSeuji

P.S.  Kaiser Chiefs - very cool band!^^ lovely))
Florence & The Machine - very beautiful!
And new albums Muse - The 2nd Law - AMAZING!!!
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Cat-owl by GerVOlg
  • Listening to: Nagase Tomoya - MTV Unplugged
Me =^____^=
My love pairs in congratulation for me)


Zuko from Maoete :iconmaoete: for me!
Thank you very much! :heart:
Zuko by Maoete

Thank you, dear SkivTheGreat :iconskivthegreat:
Be happy, dear GerVOlg))) by SkivTheGreat
Прекрасный подарок!!!!
  • Listening to: Altered Images - Happy Birthday
Прошу прощения, за редкие и не особо интересные обновления в моей галерее. Немного занят.
Скетчу немного тут: (Tegaki)
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11/05 his Birthday!
Dance and chocolate  cake in his honour!

Kaidoh Kaoru da by GerVOlg

And also congratulation:
From Inui Sadaharu -…

From Echizen Ryoma -…

From Akutsu Jin -…

[Strip-doujinsy on 2-3 page))]
This is my favorite pair
with Kaidou Kaoru^^

Love him!
Amazing boy!

Happy Birthday Kaidou Kaoru by GerVOlg
  • Listening to: Bump of Chicken - Hammer song and the tower of pai

And Kaidoh Kaoru, because i love them both.

Happy day, Jin!
Your dreams will come true!
Happy birthday, Akutsu Jin by GerVOlg

Thank you, my dear friend, Noa
:iconstreight: for you amazing fanfiction!
I'm glad that we did it!^^
You fanfiction very best! *hug*

Nahash 01 by GerVOlg
Nahash 02 by GerVOlg
Nahash 04 by GerVOlg

Mature Content

Nahash 06 by GerVOlg

Love this pair!

This love from Kaidoh by GerVOlg
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Cat-owl by GerVOlg
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I'm so happy!^^
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